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At KonX, we understand the importance of flawless communication and efficient collaboration. That’s why we’ve created the ultimate solution for all your communication and conference needs. Whether you’re hosting a meeting, conducting a training session, or celebrating a special occasion, KonX provides everything you need to connect and engage effortlessly.

KonX Screen Sharing

Meeting or Conference Solution

Effortlessly host virtual meetings with our user-friendly video conference app. Enjoy crisp audio, HD video, and seamless collaboration features like screen sharing and real-time chat.

Meet with up to 1,000 participants worldwide in real-time, regardless of time zone differences.

Enjoy unlimited recording based on host system storage, determined at meeting creation.

Keep everyone on the same page by sharing your screen in real-time.

Show your products/services, PowerPoint slides, documents, and images for business presentations, training sessions, or classes in real-time.

Host or attend meetings from any Wi-Fi-enabled device.

Upload high-resolution videos, images, and documents for crystal-clear sharing.

Share, modify, and collaborate on all types of documents and files, adding comments and edits throughout the meeting.

Control the meeting from an easy-to-use dashboard.

Send messages or ask questions in the private chat room.

KonX Whiteboard

eWhiteboard Annotation

Collaborate in real-time with our Advanced e-Whiteboard. Share, modify, and annotate documents interactively during meetings, training sessions, or classes, keeping everyone engaged and on the same page.

Foster engagement and interaction with our unique Conference Room Whiteboard feature.

Write or draw using a mouse on a desktop, a touchpad on a laptop, a stylus pen, or even your fingers on touchscreen devices.

Move drawings, shapes, and text to different sections of the Whiteboard effortlessly.

Fill shapes with colors and switch between different border and text colors.

Easily clear the Whiteboard without needing a typical eraser function.

Host a conference call with up to 1,000 participants.

Training &
Educational Solution

From interactive sessions to seamless collaboration and real-time distance education, empower your teams and students with versatile tools for comprehensive skill development and knowledge sharing.

Product Demo with KonX

Business & Marketing Solution

Streamline decision-making, market products effectively, and engage audiences with live interactive features. Reach nationwide audiences effortlessly, driving growth and success.

Healthcare &
Wellbeing Solution

Empowering holistic wellness with tailored care applications, interactive equipment demonstrations, live yoga sessions, and global health tips.

Provide specialized healthcare applications to meet individual needs effectively.

Demonstrate the functionalities of medical equipment and machines to ensure proper understanding and usage.

Host live yoga sessions, connecting participants from across the globe for holistic wellness. 

Share valuable health and nutrition tips with a worldwide audience, promoting wellbeing and healthy living.

Key Benefits
of KonX

Seamlessly host or attend meetings without the hassle of app downloads or installations.

Enjoy full control over functionalities and easily designate other users as hosts.

Hold an unlimited number of meetings per month, catering to all your communication needs.

Connect with up to 1,000 participants worldwide in real-time, fostering global collaboration.

Plan ahead by setting preferred dates and times for future meetings or conferences.

Seamlessly host or attend meetings without the hassle of app downloads or installations.

Ensure data protection with encrypted Conference Rooms, providing peace of mind.

Access your personal profile, dashboard, scheduling options, and customizable invitations conveniently from the Account Center.

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